It’s SALE, Woman!

Well! This is my first writing about fashion!

When I talk about fashion, it is almost never-ending story. I love to read and see what upcoming trend is. I follow the latest fashion, but of course, the previous style never loose its attraction. I love the branded stuff, but fashion is never about the brand or, the wrong thought, price!

Fashion is about how you choose to wear, feel comfortable, look great and sexy with it. Right style gives you more confidence!

Shocking Price in one of famous Scandinavian shops
Shocking Price in one of famous Scandinavian shops

And, now, SALE time arrives. The moment of when you can crazily shop with a good price. Few reasons why you shall shop in the SALE season:

  • Half Price cut! (When you want an expensive stuff, for example bag or coat but you can’t afford or safe more money, if you don’t need it urgently, you can wait for the right time to have good price for it. Psstt… you can get good deal at SALE if you want to buy new TV or laptop)
  • Save your money! (Oh yes! You are shopaholic but you are also a woman. Be wise plus smart and you can save half of your money buying from full price.. )
  • Regret (Well, most buyers usually have so many upside down feelings when they see the bag that they buy full price was discount 50% off.. Ouch!)
  • Everlasting collection (There are some “discounted” stuff for example coats or boots which, in some case, are classic and have never loosen style. Wait for the right moment to buy for it and it will pay off.)

Of course, in some case, some people will say.. Ah, if I wait and buy in SALE season, the right season for using it will fly away. What can I say is: It is a choice  and how urgent you need it. Besides, some of SALE discount stuff usually not the things that we can use only in the spring or winter, but also other season. Since lots of sale every where nowadays, I will post few clothing and accessories that I love with the price, starting from 1-20 EUR. As long as you buy the “right style” clothing and accessories, the style can be used in any season ❤


There is undeniable attraction between woman and sale. -Anna P

PIECES Accessories
#PIECES Accessories with each price EUR 1
Casual but chick ZARA Kid Bag
Casual but chick #ZARA Kid Bag
#Elegant #Zara #Dress Before EUR 39,95 After EUR 19.95
Daily casual clothing by H&M with the price EUR 5 each
#Daily #casual #clothing by #H&M with each price EUR 5
Earring and Scarf by Pieces with each price EUR 1
Earring and Scarf by Pieces with each price EUR 1

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