Let’s sip a FRIDAY coffee!

Wayne’s café is my “best” hiding place in Helsinki, Finland. Why? Because most of my lil’ free time, I always hang out over there. I just love the ambiance! I name it my favorite ‘warung kopi’ (taken from Indonesian words, which mean coffee tent). 

Chit chat place and great internet surfing place for students
Chit chat place and great internet surfing hang out for students

This coffee place is located in Kamppi bridge, which connects Kamppi with Forum. It offers a really convenient place to sit, read your book or magazine, listen to slow nice music, and finally.. you can sip a hot coffee in your hand.

E-charger Wayne's Coffee
E-charger Wayne’s Coffee

Oh yes! Forget to tell you that service is great and you can charge your phone with modern funky charge (see photo in the right). Wifi is provided. You can stay and browse the internet without any rush. You can be relaxed and enjoying every moment, spent with your coffee. What else do you need?


Friday’s coffee always seems to taste a little sweeter – Unknown

A cup of Wayne's Coffee


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