My Valentine

This year, I was amazed of my Valentine’s day. In my course, my teacher let us watch a Finish movie “Äideistä parhain”. The story told us about a child who lived in World War II. At the cost of war against Russia, he lost his father and lived together with his mom. He lived independently and tried to become a protector of his mom.

However, not so long afterwards, he must be separated from his mom. In order to protect and save children, government offered to transfer and relocate all the small children from Finland to Sweden. His mom sent him away. He met his new grandparent, new house, new school, new house and new parents who loved him so dearly in a small town in Sweden.

After few years and war was over, he was forced back to Finland to his biological mother and left his family, once again.

From this movie, I learn that:

1. A war is an ego from 2 parts of different parties.

2. It costs you nothing than pain, suffer, and misery.

3. A child should have care and love from parents, not trying to survive, having trauma, matured before time.

From that day, somehow, I view V-day from different perspective. V-day is not only a day between two lovers to celebrate. It is a day to be grateful that I am not living in the war zone. I have enough and I am having the best days of every day of my life. A special day to be grateful when I have family. A special time when you have friends who support you.


Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind – John F. Kennedy


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