Hidden New Place, so called..

Being living in Finland for almost 2 years, it doesn’t mean I know every thing. There is still uncovered mystery always appeared and amazed me.



Today, I visited a place where history begins. In this area, Helsinki was founded by Swedish king, Gustav Vasa on June 12, 1550.


The name itself, Helsingfors (in the beginning spelled Hellssingeforss) comes from 2 (two) words, Helsinge (source for Finnish Helsinki) and the rapids (Swedish: fors), which means ‘flowed through the original village’.


This place is also famous for fishing spot for salmon and trout (and, I see one salmon jumping off from dam from up to below, so awesome!)



Behind the heavy dam, if you follow the river, you can find a quiet park with beautiful view to the bridge in the autumn season.


Yes, this hidden place name is Vanhankaupunginkoski.


Love and bless,


September gives the autumn’s chill which reminds me of quietness of nature beauty with its yellow leaves – Anna


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