// Trick 1: Say YES to tight dress! //

Spring and summer are coming. Ladies are the most panicked people in this time of the year.

Well, at least, I do. I do not have time to go to gym. I tried to eat healthy but those crazy unwanted parts, which I call MY fattie, do not go off even though  I have tried to eat less and healthy.

So, starting now, I will give you some of my tips to handle small or perhaps crazy problems we do have.

In this post, my first trick I want to reveal how to look so FABOLOUS in our bodycon dress and to hide our big part and (let’s say..) hide it til it becomes smaller.

1. Shaping Pants


2. Shaping  Bodycon


3. And, don’t forget.. to make it perfect, use this Fashion starter pack (which I recommend from H&M with affordable price)



So, what do you think, ladies? Are you up to bodycon dresses? ❤


PRODUCTS Recommendation:

H&M Shaping Pants – EUR 9.9

H&M  Seamless Body Shaping – EUR 14.99

H&M Fashion Kit EUR 9.9

Kiss & Tell,



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