// Trick 2. Simplify your life //

I have been famous of having big bags with so many things resided inside of it. Sometimes, I even feel clueless in finding things I need inside of it.

You can find my phone, perfume, battery pack, keys, lipstick, lip balm, pen, travel card, name card, sunglasses, umbrella, eye drops, etc (i can’t say more!)


But,  I find the perfect one product which help me to simplify my life and definitely, yours!

It is Insjö bagINbag! Insjö is an organizer bag offering lots of pockets where I can put so many small things (or big..) inside of it. It is perfectly organized my life upside down, like having small assistant inside of your bag.



With Insjö, I can change bags easily from one into another, saving my time for moving small things around. PLUS, it helps protecting my bag’s interior of being ruined by my make up or my pen (moreover, if it is so crazily expensive to buy).


And, now, Insjö bagINbag has new design where it can be used not only inside of the bag, but also outside of the bag.






You can’t blame me for having two Insjö with different bright colours and designs, eh? I am a big fan of them!

Check it out more in:


Saimaa Nordic Blue

Saimaa Fuchsia Pink: EUR 49.00

Leather Shoulder Strap: EUR 14.00

Lenkki Leather White: EUR 9.00

Free delivery promotion code (EU only): DNS102

Keep Calm & Get Organized – Unknown

Kiss & Tell,




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