// I Heart You, Indonesia //

Happy 70th Independence Day, Indonesia! 

I am proud and lucky as an Indonesian. We have so many richness in the country, from islands (more than 17,000), nature, minings, oils and so many more. Don’t forget about Indonesian unique tradition, cultures, ethniques and its food and beverage. 


But the most important, when you are so faraway from friends and family in Indonesia, all Indonesians living abroad become friends and/or family. 



Like every year’s celebration

Indonesia’s Independence Day fiesta was held in Indonesian embassy, Helsinki (for Finland and Estonia). The Independence Day date is in 17th August, but because it is on Monday, the celebration is held one day earlier so it can be attended by all Indonesians who are living in Finland and Estonia.

There were opening speech, food and beverages, results from competition (which has been done 2 weeks earlier), traditional dance, and bands. Full of live! 



It was not only Indonesian who were attending the celebration. It is open-invitation to public and hey, see, every one is welcoming with a smile and open-handed. 


Once more, I would say:

Happy Independence Day, my country. May our country will be more prosperity, anti-corruption and growing economy now and more in the future. 


Kiss & Tell,


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