// Rendez-vous à Tallinn //

Last week, I went to a city where I have lived in for 2 years.

It seems nothing change but its beauty and culture are still amazing in my view.

Helsinki – Tallinn

Since I live in Finland, I can reach Tallinn by boat for 2,5 hours trip. I used Ms. Finlandia boat and the cost is not too expensive either for one day trip. It is between 17 – 27 euro, depending time and boat that you are taking from Finland.


Tallinn Shopping

Two of things that I love to do while I am in Tallinn are:

  1. Windows shopping

There are some brands shops in Estonia that I can’t find in Finland, such as Aldo Shoes, Karen Millen, Bershka, Stradivarius, River Islands, Dune and many more.



  1. Alcohol shock theraphy shopping 

Well, one weakness that I found living in Finland is the alcohol price is quite expensive comparing to neighboring countries such as Estonia. For an additional info, Alko is the only shop in Finland who can sells alcohol, including my favorite type of drink, wine!


So, when I was in Estonia, I got my shock therapy shopping and out of nowhere, there were already 10 bottles of white and red wines and paid only about 26 euro, while in Finland, I can get it only 2 bottles 😅 

The other nicest thing in Tallinn is you can find various restaurant from European countries & South African cuisine.

So, let’s have yourself exploring the uniqueness of Tallinn & be lost in the Old Town! 😉 


“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

Kiss & Tell,


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