// Helsinki Design Week 2015 //

One of famous fashion events has finally arrived in Helsinki. It is Helsinki Design Week. The event is held from 3 – 13 September 2015. There are lots of offered programs such as design projects, Muoto Cafe which is presenting winning design , vintage flea market and many more.


I have been visiting and following this Helsinki Design Week for the last 3 years and I love what it is inside. The final program that I love to be part with is Helsinki Design Market. There are lots of rising designers or famous ones joining to promote and sell products. It is kind of fashion stock sales also since they sell their previous seasonal collections with much more cheaper price. You can find from  furnitures, carpets, fashion clothings designers, bags, accessories, and many more. Some of famous brands are: Minna Parikka, Vepsäläinen, Magisso, Frenn, One Man Band Outlet, 2OR+BYYAT, Tallink, etc.



The chosen brands that I have recommended to have, try and/or poison me to buy are:

  • Lumi – Ajjj jajjj jajjjj! I am so in love with their stand products and collections. If you ask me why I love Lumi, I will answer it is because their Scandinavian design, great quality and (oh my gosh!) the leather! The smell of their leather bag kill my instinct to hold my money in my pocket!  Ah, one more thing.. I love the sales people who are offering me the bags. So professional, nice, communicative and really great bargainers. Well, at least, I got my  maroon bag with special price. Woohoo!

  • Insjö – Well, this is one of brands that I can’t miss. Not because I have been part of the family, but also because it is quite handy in organizing everyday’s life activities. If you miss the chances to buy Insjö, you can buy it also only with free delivery promotion code: DNS102.

  • Costo – A great and unique hat brand that you can ever find! It is ecological, stylish and great quality. You can change the detachable bobble with color that you like. You can get EUR 50-70 range of price in Helsinki Design Market and if you miss it, they offer 10% discount in Costo’s online website.

They also provide canteen, hot dog stand and DJ music to have a great ambiance in every corners’ of Kaapelitehdas and accompany all visitors.

I am so happy I can visit Helsinki Design Market today, in their last day and I can’t wait to go again next year!


Location: The Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas) – Tallberginkatu 1

Event Date: 5 6 September 2015

Free Entrance

The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames

Kiss & Tell,



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