// Part 1. Must-Have Winter Scarf, Les D’Arcs //

Finland, 19 January 2016

As in Nordic countries, winter season is so extreme and most of the time, I am confused in which look or outfit I shall use to look fashionable or nice in daily life. It is -17C but it feels like -22C in Helsinki, Finland.

Recently, my problem is solved with Les D’Arcs, a young fashion label coming from Berlin, Germany.

Les D’Arcs re-invents new style of scarf and shawl look for your winter season. I am so amazed and impressed on how many options they have with different style of scarf and shawl design.  They have so creative and unique style to choose.

les D'Arcs Collection AW

In the end, I spoil myself and got one perfect shawl for myself for my daily use. You shall see in my next post how great it will be mixed with your coat or jacket and you still feel comfortable, perfect and warm with Les D’Arcs product!

Oversize Shawl_2

Currently, they have a Kickstarter campaign going on and if you would like to join, please do visit their page and participate right now.

Kickstarter Link ( Click HERE )

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

Kiss and Tell,






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