// Part 2. Must-Have Winter Scarf, Les D’Arcs //

Now, I would like to reveal which Les D’Arcs scarf or shawl that I get

.. and I am happy with it!


3.1 LES_DARCS_AW COLLECTION_Oversize Shawl_Emilie

Yup, I spoil myself by owning Oversize Shawl EMILIE 1 with neutral color, black.

It fits with all of my coats’ colours and definitely winter hats’ combinations.

I really like the material and colour of my EMILIE 1 Oversize Shawl. The wool combining with its double fleece make it really warm covering my neck and face. One more thing, I really like the combination of leather which makes the Les D’Arcs design really unique.

Check out their latest collection product: Les D’Arcs



Believe me when I say it helps you out in winter season and give you fashion style.

Great usage combining with great design. I have my Les D’Arcs.

Have you got YOURS?

Product Information:

Oversize Shawl EMILIE 1 –  EUR 150.00

Join Les D’Arcs Kickstarter ( Click HERE )

Les D’Arcs Video 

(- in collaboration with Les D’Arcs – )

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

—Coco Chanel

Kiss and Tell,



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