// Simply Eyecatching FINNISH Fashion //

Finland is an unique country in which fashion has unique Nordic style.

When you visit and check out Finnish people in the street, you can see the simplicity of their fashion.. fresh, trendy and cool. It is not as glamour and chic as in the Southern of Europe, but comfort fashion – in the sense of weather’s influence and difference in Northern Europe which is geographically colder.

Yet, you find some emerging Finnish designers or brands which are famous already in the face of world fashion, not only clothings but also footwear and eyewear. When you see the brands, you just know their ‘icon item’ that make them different than others:

1. Marimekko

Stands out for the fabrics, colours and PRINTS! Founded in 1951 and it has been spreaded into many countries in EU and Asia. (Psst.. do you know that Carrie Bradshaw have wear their bikini and Jackie Kennedy love and bought their products too?)

Visit their stores in Mikaelsgatan 1, Helsinki or Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki.


(Photo Source: Marimekko.com)

2. Minna Parikka

An eye-catching shoes brand! Inspired by rabbit, Minna has managed to build her own shoe empire which is chic, colorful and different. You can find her collection in high-end online shops such as Selfridges, Harrods, Luisa Via Roma, etc or you can find them in the pedestrian Aleksanterinkatu Street, in the heart of Helsinki.

(Photo Source & Story: MinnaParikka.com)

3. LUMI Accessories

In Finnish, Lumi means snow. They established the brand in New York with its co-founder, Sanna Kantola. One interesting part that I like about this brand is they start to use vegetable leather tanning for their products. I like their bags, shoes and accessories.

(Photo Source: LumiAccessories.com)

4. Costo

They use industrial unused material as their products material. That’s why this ‘HOT HAT’ brand is famous for its quality, materials, cuts and sustainable solutions. It is a handmade product, really cool and trendy. I like the upper part of the part, where you can change it based on your wish color or maybe season’s trend 🙂

You can find Costo Concept Store in Yrjönkatu 34, 00100 Helsinki. Go sustainability!

(Photo Source: Costo.fi)

5. Kraa Kraa

Yes, an unique name! It is handmade manufacturer eyewear from Finland with unique design and material, famously from the wood. In their young age, this brand has managed awarded as Eyewear of the Year 2015 Grand Prix in IOFT, Tokyo. I found this brand when they attended an exhibition in Helsinki and I am following their interesting news and product. I am putting this into my ‘wanted list’. Do you want to have Kraa Kraa?

Order your Kraa Kraa in Fredrikinkatu 39, 00120 Helsinki.

(Photo Source: KraaKraa.fi)

So, what do you think about some of Finnish fashion design? Charm of its simplicity and difference? Visit the stores and get one for yourself when you visit Helsinki, Finland. I am sure you gonna loving it 😀

“SIMPLICITY is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Kiss & Tell,



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