// 5 Seaside Cafes in Helsinki //

If you are visiting Helsinki and you would like to have a calm and peaceful sea view with a cup of coffee and a simple cake, try  to check out these places:

Cafe Ursula

This place is located in Kaivopuisto. Inside interior of Cafe Ursula gives you a home and cozy feeling when you want a nice peaceful place.  The location is near the center. You can choose between indoor or directly outdoor to enjoy the nice sea breeze and the sun.

Address: Ehrenströmintie 3, 00140 Helsinki

Cafe Carusel – with their slogan: The Seaside Pleasure in Helsinki.

You can find another amazing cafe in Kaivopuisto and near Cafe Ursula. It is Cafe Carusel. You can have your lunch with a glass of wine. They also offer so many choices of dessert, coffee and tea. It is the right place to spend with your friends and family in the weekend.

Address: Merisatamanranta 10 Helsinki

Cafe Regatta

Located in the center of city and nearby Hietäniemi beach, Cafe Regatta is one of the most popular among tourists destination in Helsinki. This small cafe has been one of the eye witness of history in Helsinki. You can find a simple coffee and tea in the summer, but my best recommendation is to go in the winter, sit in the small bench and you can even walk in the frozen sea! Been there, done that!

 Location: Merikannontie 10 Helsinki

Cafe Torpanranta

If you want to explore more, seaside of Munkkiniemi is the place to be. There is one popular place to enjoy the warm of the sun with a cold drink in the hand, named Cafe Torpanranta. The cafe was built in 1983, offers great food and drinks and you can even see amazing sunset from the cafe.

Address:  Munkkiniemenranta 2, Helsinki

Hernesaaren Ranta

This amazing place just opened last summer and becomes the hip in the city. It opens only in the summer and you can find so many choices of different restaurants and bars next to the sea. You can reach this place by car, public transportation, bicycle and definitely, by boat! (why not?)

Address: Hernesaarenranta 16, Helsinki

I hope my tips will be useful from the wanderer and travellers going to Helsinki.  I have been visited these cafes and it becomes my favourite seasides cafes along the year.  I hope you love it as I do!

“Sometimes you just have to go with the waves”  – Unknown

Kiss &  Tell,



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