// Berlin Itinerary: One-Day Historical Tour //

Berlin has so many stories to tell, and it is an honour for me to see some of the left-over history to see and some people whom I meet along the way to tell their journey when it has happened.

I took some photos of where I went in 1 day, I hope you will like this small short tour as I did:

1. Berlin TV TowerDSC_00372. Postdamer Platz, a famous public square near Bradenburg Gate and Reichstag including Mall of Berlin.DSC_0052 DSC_00513. Bradenburg Gate, a sign of peace in the history of German.DSC_0071 (2)4. Holocaust Memorial,  Memorial to the Murdered Jews of EuropeDSC_0059

5. Reichstag, symbol of German reunification DSC_0107

6. Berlin WallDSC_00442016-04-10 14.33.08 2016-04-10 14.31.11 2016-04-10 14.34.01

7. Victory Column, where you can see all the city from high-ground view.DSC_01032016-04-10 13.08.35 2016-04-10 13.09.52 2016-04-10 13.11.06

You really need to work out a little bit to see the ‘city view’.DSC_0101 DSC_0097 DSC_0102

8. Humboldt Box,  a small unique building with Samsung sign where you can find the history, art and sciences in different perspective. You can enjoy the terrace view with Berliner Dom and Lustgarten.DSC_0115 2016-04-10 15.29.40 2016-04-10 15.31.22 2016-04-10 15.40.17 2016-04-10 15.41.11

9. Berliner DomDSC_0119

10. Lustgarten

“Explore the world to know the beauty of the world”

– Hello Selfie Lady / AP



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