// Shopping Tips in Finland //


My friends always ask me, “How can you get good products with great prices?”  Some may know, some may not, but I will reveal my secret.

There are three things you shall know and have when you want to buy with good prices:

Patience – I always buy things that I love when there is a sale when the season is over. For example: a coat. I love to buy a little bit higher pricing coat which has good quality  and long-lasting to be used. Therefore, I will buy it when there is sale season. (The winter is almost taken 7-8 months in Finland, so it is quite useful even though the season is over.)

Timing – As I mentioned in the previous point, timing in buying is really important. And, here are the timings if you are planning to wait and buy smart in Helsinki: March / April / September / end of December with discount from 30-50%.

Location – There are few location where you can get in these season:

Sokos / 3+1 päivää / April, September / all locations in Finland with time as mentioned.

Stockmann / Hullut Päivät  / April,  September / all locations in Finland with time as mentioned.2015-08-12 14.31.10

Stockmann Outlet / Hullut Päivät  / April,  September / all locations in Finland with time as mentioned. With Stockmann Outlet, they usually give additional discount til 60% after 2-3 weeks Hullut Päivät over, however the timing is a little bit unpredictable.

Sello, Leppäväärä / Sembalot – March  / all locations in Finland with time as mentioned.

All the shops are usually following these big department stores time for sale seasons.

2015-03-22 17.09.21

Those info are a piece of tips from me if you would like to shop here. Now, you know! Hope it will be useful info for the travellers or newcomers in Finland.

In the next post, I will give a secret which shops or outlets to go where you are in Finland or Helsinki / Vantaa / Espoo to be exact.

See you in the next post!

Kiss & Tell,







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